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ManoTick GeoSolutions provides solutions to all aspects of your MagnetoTelluric projects, from training to survey design to contractor selection to Quality Control, both infield and in the office, to products appraisal, for data and models, to processing and response appraisal to modelling and inversion.


Professor Alan G. Jones P.Geo. has over 40 years experience in almost all aspects of magnetotelluruics (MT). Jones is the most published and most cited author in MT (Google Scholar: fbT-K4MAAAAJ), and has worked with academia, government and industry. He was co-editor of the comprehensive standard textbook on MT in use worldwide (The Magnetotelluric Method). He gives a 2-day to 5-day training course in MT, with hands-on components.



Perform training with 2 to 5-day hands-on Short Course or infield training